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Top 20 Best Free Business Name Generators 2020

When starting a business, entrepreneurs tend to rush for strategic planning and may neglect the primary factor for the brand’ market identification: the brand name. The task sounds easy at first, but not every business startup can come up with a name that is able to tell the whole backstory to the audience, or just simply catchy to ring a bell.

If businesses struggle with breaking down the block and get stuck in a dead-end, a free digital name creating tool will be the ultimate solution. Here are the top 20 best free business name generators to offer entrepreneurs some possible guidelines.

Rules for a good business name

The functionality of the business name generators cannot be utilized if businesses have no orientation for their brand name in advance. A business name is not just a name – it’s a concept, a branding element that associates customers with businesses’ products and services. The determinants of a good blog name are included in the following guidelines.

  1. The name should convey an optimistic message.
  2. The brand’s products should be closely-related.
  3. The name is easy to read and to pronounce.
  4. Characters should be limited to seven or less.
  5. Two or three syllables are preferred for pleasant sounding.
  6. The name is original and unique.

Why use a name generator?

When the business idea has been decided, there are various ways to further come up with a business name. The most simple one is to put the entrepreneur’s name together with the industry – but it’s obviously the lamest and least effective solution. Another way is to hire an expert consult from a naming firm who is excellent and experienced enough to create an inviting brand name with a full trademark. However, businesses have to trade an excessively high cost off for that.

In that case, using the free name generator tool is a much more reasonable method. The tool is ideal for brainstorming names as several ideas are suggested during the generating process, which optimizes both of the business naming and domain naming since they are strongly associated. Check out the following suggestions to create the best business name.

Top 20 best free business name generators:  

Shopify business name generators

Shopify business name generators
Shopify business name generators

Shopify is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the e-Commerce market. With Shopify, businesses are suggested with thousands of names. The operating steps are relatively simple: enter a keyword then search; the screen will show up some examples that may or may not satisfy the business’ needs. Especially, Shopify is advanced enough to show only brand names with available domains, which will save much effort in building websites.

The distinguishing feature of Shopify’s online business name generator is the ready product launching permission. Once businesses have come up with the perfect name, they can sign up for a Shopify account and launch the first online store immediately with the help of useful e-Commerce backend.  

Webhostinggeeks – Business Name Ideas, Help & Advice

Webhostinggeeks - Business Name Ideas
Webhostinggeeks – Business Name Ideas

Webhostinggeeks has been gaining public trust for its wonderful name generating features. The extension has customized its 3 domain name generators for businesses, products, and blogs. Especially for business name generating features, users will be asked to fill in some business-related keywords such as business description, business type, customer benefits, demanded domain type (.net or .com, for example), etc. The listed keywords help form some possible business name ideas to choose from. The delivered names are all available for domain availability checks as well.

Users can also check if the typed keywords are displayed in the name and the number of characters as well. Further information and guidelines can be found in the “Screenshots and Walkthrough” section to make the most use of this extension.

Name Mesh – Domain Name Generator

Name Mesh - Domain Name Generator
Name Mesh – Domain Name Generator

Name Mesh is a powerful domain-centric name generator. It gives domain recommendations based on the keyword list. The tool only lists out available domains in every existing URL suffix. When the keywords are entered, the site will divide its suggestions into categories such as “Short”, “Common”, “Fun” to help users select the most suitable domains for their demands. Thousands of various name ideas are respectively suggested based on these categories.

Name Mesh also provides a signaling feature for domain availability check: the available domains are in green text, while the unavailable ones are displayed in red. Moreover, this name generator does not limit title characters for users to match their preferences. Especially, when users have some ideas for a compound name, NameMesh is capable of “consulting” if the word groups are meaningful or attractive enough, which will considerably fasten the naming process. 

Wordlab – the best free naming resource

Wordlab - the best free naming resource
Wordlab – the best free naming resource

The name “Wordlab” really says it all – a laboratory of words. The tool has set a new boundary for name generators and brings a whole new experience to its users.  Although they have 7 million possible name ideas from restaurants, sports teams, or anything you can think of, they make their users discover themselves. There are no such things as input options or keywords, all you have to do is to press the “Get Name” button to see what comes up until you find the business names you like. This method may sound risky and random, but the suggested ideas, with unlimited creativity, are totally worth a try.

Getsocio – Free Business Name Generator

Getsocio - Free Business Name Generator
Getsocio – Free Business Name Generator

Getsocio is perfect for those who prioritize simplicity and convenience. This name generator satisfies the most basic requirements for a standard name creating tool: simple, easy-to-use, and fast. All users have to do is to enter some company-related keywords and wait for some unexpectedly creative business names within minutes. The returned results might be a little bit random and even unfamiliar – but ones can consider it a way to trigger imagination for further brainstorming. 

However, the generated names on Getsocio will end up in the instead of the usual .com domain, which is quite bothersome when considered in use. When users have selected their domain, they will be asked to add some information such as name, email address, and password which will later direct users to create their own eCommerce store.

Anadea – the creative business name generator

Anadea - the creative business name generator
Anadea – the creative business name generator

Anadea name generator offers the same fundamental features as Getsocio – with some more outstanding advancements. Besides the optimally minimized keyword entering features, Anadea also allows users to generate business name ideas based on different categories such as travel, technology, healthcare and many others. And users can choose the domain after the names are generated. Once the domain is chosen, users will be prompted to get a quote for the domain and website building service. Mobile app names or website titles are generated in the same way as well.

Orbelo – Free Name Generator

Orbelo - Free Name Generator
Orbelo – Free Name Generator

Orbelo can be considered a brother site with Shopify with similar functionality of registering domain and web hosting through My The tool can generate over 100 options in a span of seconds with one click only. All users have to do is fill in keywords that are related to the company’s oriented concept, then click “Generate names”. After the button is triggered, users will be displayed with pages of possible names to choose from and kick-start business plans right away.

The service is free, and there is no limit on how many times users generate names. Multiple variations can be added to the search bar until users are satisfied with the returned results. When the name is well decided, businesses should be hurried to set up a domain for the name not to be taken by other competitors. 

IWantMyName – Domain name generator tool

For businesses that are looking for a combination of business and domain names, this website is just the right choice.  After entering keywords, users will see all types of combinations with a variety of endings appear, which gives users more options to consider. 

In other words, the tool suggests various URL suffixes based on the entered phrase. One special thing about IWantMyName is its unusual URL suffixes name generating feature. The traditional suffixes like .com obviously still gain more trust over others like .biz or .af. But if users don’t hesitate to experience something refreshing, this name generator will guarantee a whole lot of fun to play with.

Panabee – Business Name Generator

Panabee is a useful site for generating both title and domain names. After the phrases are entered in the search bar, a list of results will show up. However, since this name generator is super random, the user must be really lucky to find his or her favorite name at first try. This may sound risky and time-consuming, but it’s an unexpectedly effective way to trigger imagination and creativity when businesses are struggling with naming. For a higher probability of success, businesses should try to customize their keywords list for better variations and compare different name suggestions on social media to test the public preference and interest.

Also, the site offers a pop-up suffix menu to suggest domain availability. A blue heart indicates an available domain, while the unavailable ones are given a broken red heart. Domain availability for related social media account names or even app titles can also be examined.

Brand Root

Brand Root is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in this industry. It offers over 50 different industry categories, random or trending names generated from searches based on keywords. Each of the names comes with the registered .com domain. This extension has different levels of cost, from free to premium. The higher the cost, the more variety of alternatives is offered. Users can search the cost, and select the price point to avoid being recommended with out-of-budget options. 

Some offered names will also come along with a font design and/or a logo to help you choose something unique without getting stressed about it. The site assesses each option for mass appeal and potential recognition.

Fit Small Business

Unlike any usual name generators in which users can get suggestion results by entering keywords in the search bar, Fit Small Business conducts the name recommending process in a much different way. The tool collects businesses’ overall concept through a series of questions to conclusively result in a perfect brand name. Users will be asked what types of services they sell, where they mainly serve and their last name as well. The suggested business name tends to be two to three words long – optimal enough for branding and SEO.

Apart from suggesting business names, the site also offers some useful tips and guidelines on how to choose the perfect brand name. Another thing to notice is that when users click a domain, they will automatically be directed to Bluehost, and Fit Small Business will get commissions if their users purchase.


Wordoid allows users to find available brand names by simply adding the keyword under Pattern, then clicking ‘Create wordoids’ button at the top. On the right side, there are numerous domain name ideas to consider. The left side of the page shows an advanced feature where users can alter the filter options in the displayed column to get more precise results. 

Also, the adjusted results are made available based on any quality, language, pattern, length, and domain name preferences. Users will be redirected to GoDaddy to buy their domain name. 

The purchased money may get Wordroid some affiliate commissions as well.


This name generator is actually a useful name recommending tool for its close exactness. Naming allows users to enter their preferred answer for specific criteria such as syllable, root word, letter or the number of syllables. Besides common words, users can also add various types of rhymes as well as Greek and Latin combinations. Each naming combination is specified with detailed examples to give users a more in-depth instruction. There is also a handy “naming tips” section including naming advice and questions on naming domain, product and business for users to have more references and guidelines.

Name station

If you’re looking for a free company name generator, Name Station will provide you with a list of great company name ideas. You’ll add the keyword you want in your brand name and a screen with domain names will appear. You can even sort the list to view available domains to simplify your search process. They’ll provide you with pages of domain ideas that can help inspire you to create the perfect business name. By combining creative thinking with powerful research tools, this company name generator can help you find available brand names that suit your needs.


Dot-o-mator has been gaining recognition for its minimal and easy-to-use name generating features. The tool will show a random name when users click the option. Users are suggested some name lists, or they can type their preferred keywords into the beginning and ending boxes. When done choosing, click the “Combine” button and wait for the results. The name generator will tell whether the combined names are taken or not. If the returned names are still available, users can save their favorites to the Scratchbox to later register domain name through GoDaddy or Namecheap. 


Freshbooks’ name generator offers a user-friendly experience and delivers an optimal convenience in processing. The name generating process is activated by clicking the “Let’s Get Started” button. Users will then be directed to the next page where they’re prompted to choose their industry including: creatives & marketing, legal services & business consulting, trade & home services or information technology. When the industry is chosen, users can add some keywords that must be included in their company name. It will take a few seconds until some name ideas pop up. Users can select the brand name they like, or click “show me more names” for more recommendations. The selected name will appear in a new page in a sparkling rectangle frame.


Names4brand offers some distinguishing features to help businesses choose the most suitable name. The number of words for the name is initially suggested – with two words being commonly recommended by the tool as the most ideal number. 

The one-click trigger feature helps optimize the process of finding a creative and random business name. Users only have to type their desired name or word – prefix or suffix. Then the random brand name generator will suggest thousands of new brand name ideas for the new company at no time. Through the site, users can also find a domain matching name and check for its availability. It’s time to find your brand names within 3 triggers using the Names4brand auto name generator. 


BizNameWiz is another store name generator that minimizes unnecessary steps to shorten the naming process. Users will just have to include a word or a group of words of their preferences, and then the name generator will continuously come up with a list of business name ideas. This tool also identifies which domain names are available. 

For further information, BizNameWiz also includes business naming and branding guides to give users more in-depth instructions and advice on how to create the perfect business name idea. 

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search can be considered as an evolution in the name generator market. When the keywords are entered, the site will quickly direct to a new page where only name options with available-to-register domain names will appear. The available name ideas are displayed in green boxes while the registered ones are in pink. 

Once users click on a name, they will be directed to a pop-up window where they can register a domain name and create a site with WordPress or just register the domain through registrars including Bluehost, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or Namecheap.

The availability of the name as an identical Twitter handle is also included in the window, but oddly, other social media platforms aren’t addressed at all.


Namesmith’s name generator allows users to enter up to five keywords in their domain name. Based on the chosen keywords, the tool will suggest the domains with the most closely-related keywords, blends and many other creative changes. Users will be directed to GoDaddy if they want to purchase the domains – which will possibly earn for Namesmith some bonuses and affiliate commissions.

Furthermore, Namesmith features offer many different name suggestion algorithms. They construct portmanteaus (which is a blend from two words) from the entered keywords, misspell them in some new other ways, add suffixes/prefixes and then return users with many creative company name ideas.

Final Words

The creation of digital and automatic name generators has brought in a lot more convenience and triggered some unexpectedly creative ideas. Whether you’re looking for an exact match domain or a creative brand name that captures the emotion of your brand, the online name generators on this list will help you come up with a name you love. Ultimately, though, how you present your brand, treat your customers, and stand out in the marketplace is how you’ll be perceived. Build a brand that represents your pride.

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